Grawerlik - Grawerowanie i Cięcie laserem.

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About our company

Grawerlik company

Is on the market since 2010. We are new in the branch, but we already have a significant experience and a large group of satisfied regular consuments. We do engraving and laser-cutting of almost any material. Our main assets are precision and quickness.

What are we busy with

Equipment we use produces durable marking and cutting of different surfaces. It allows of it's wide use in advertising, construction and many other branches. Laser technology can be used to manufacture a company logo, carry patterns and even photos on gadgets or surfaces from a range of kinds. We offer engraving on materials such as: steel, leather, laminate, paper, glass, rock, ceramics and other. Laser plotter allows precise cutting of any shapes and patterns.

Wy are we worth of confidence

Because we accomplish our orders quickly and precisely, we have affable prices and we are elastic in negotiations. We like challenges why we accomplish uncommon orders. We approach every customer in an individual manner so we can fulfill his wishes. We encourage to use our offer.